Activated Carbon Innovations – First South African company to produce Activated Carbon from Macadamia nut shell.

We also decided to change the way activated carbon was produced, to be more efficient than the traditional rotary kiln method. We are now producing high quality Activated Carbon from Macadamia nut shells with zero impact on the environment.

In 2009 we built and commissioned our first furnace in Limpopo province South Africa, close to a plentiful supply of the raw material. As a result of extensive pilot plant testing in our Limpopo facility, we are now consistently producing a high quality product. On site Iodine value testing is carried out to ASTM-D4607 specification, to ensure good quality of the activated carbon produced.

Single pass, multi-stage operation & unique energy efficient process.

We use a unique process, developed by ACI over many years of R&D work, for both the carbonization and high temperature steam activation in a single pass, multi-stage operation, from raw macadamia nut shells to high quality activated carbon. The advantage of our system is the ability to start and stop the process instantly, any routine inspections or maintenance can be done in the shortest possible time. The system has only a few moving components so is less prone to failure.

The unique feature of the process, to produce undiluted pyrolysis gases, results in having access to this heating energy, which is used to significantly reduce the overall cost of the process.