Activated Carbon Innovations

We are constantly striving to improve our production process and reduce our environmental impact

Activated Carbon for Water Purification

Working for a Cleaner Planet

Our unique production process is energy efficient

Activated Carbon for Air Purification

Providing Purification Solutions

We are proud of our high quality products  produced in an environmentally friendly way

Activated Carbon for Gold Extraction

We Manufacture high quality Activated Carbon / Charcoal, in South Africa.

We use macadamia nut shells as our raw feed stock to produce quality activated carbon.
Through extensive Research & Development, we have developed an advanced process to manufacture activated carbon.
Our unique & innovative manufacturing process is easy to operate, cost effective, scalable and efficient, with little effect on the environment.

Contact us if you have a suitable supply of raw material and wish to manufacture activated carbon.

The video below shows how 2g of our Activated Carbon powder removes contaminants from liquid.

Typical Applications:

  • Food and beverage de-colourisation.
  • Water purification.
  • Waste water treatment.
  • Aquarium filters.
  • Gold extraction “CIP”
  • Air purification filters.
  • Pharmaceutical – tablets used for many treatments.
  • Agriculture – water filtration in hydroponics.
  • Livestock – additive for animal feed.